King's Port

King’s Port is the jewel of Valusia. It is said to be one of the greatest cities on all of Tarth, greater even than the towering citadels of Kos.

Kings Port, the capital of Valusia, reflects the prosperity of Valusia and the integration of Tarth’s races and cultures. It is not the largest city in the world, but it is the most prosperous and the most peaceful. Its streets are well-patrolled by an incorruptible City Watch, and it has an exotic market for most anything an honest heart desires.

For all its peaceful grace, Kings Port is most famous for its heroes. Members of all the humanoid races come to “the City,” as it is often called, to start their careers as legendary heroes. Humans are the most prevalent race in the City, but thousands of elves, dwarves, half-folk, and demi-humans are found there as well. They are mostly wanderers and crafty adventurers who make frequent stopovers to spend the treasure they take from “dungeon delving,” thwarting goblinoid hordes, and of course, saving the world.

Those with troubles frequent the City of Heroes looking for such adventurers as well. A great number of legendary wizards and warriors, Red Knights and rangers, got their starts in Kings Port’s gleaming streets. Even the famous Seven began their careers in Kings Port.

King's Port

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