Keep Redspar

Keep Redspar is the home of Lord Gerald Redspar, the Valusian Hero of the Northwestern provinces. The keep is located just below the Dread Mountains, on the trade route between Valusia and Kos. The keep itself is home to Lord Redspar, his servants, and his company of trained soldiers. Beyond the keep is a small town of 400 people, mostly humans with an occasional dwarf or elf living there as well.

The town of Keep Redspar (unofficially called Spartown) is a medium sized town with all the amenities that affords. Weapons and supplies as well as luxuries and novelties can be found in town for those who have the money to pay for them. Prices are a little steep (between 150% and 200% higher than in King’s Port) because supplies have to come either through the Orc dominated Dread Mountains or up the long, bandit-haunted road from King’s Port. Magic items are extremely rare in Spartown, with no more than two or three (usually simple potions) present at any one time. No known wizards or sorcerers live in town.

The town also has a small temple to Solace, wherein a handful of priests provide the functions of the clergy, healing the sick, blessing fields, praying for good weather, etc. Fees at the temple are double their usual cost, but occasional exceptions can be made.

Spartown is patrolled by Lord Redspar’s company of soldiers. The men are disciplined and skilled at what they do. And, except for the occasional miscreant, they are relatively free of corruption. Spartown has no real defenses to speak of beyond the patrolling soldiers. The real defenses lie within the keep proper, and in the event of any real threat, Lord Redspar will order his people behind the stone walls of the keep for safety.

Keep Redspar

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