Evernight: The Dying of the Light

Evernight: Prequel Part III
Session 3

Against the Orcs

Part 2: The Lair of Norgrug the Foul

Captain Dux, leader of Lord Redspar’s troops, has a new mission for the heroes. Lord Redspar has learned from his scouts that the orcs have banded together under a powerful chieftain by the name of Norgrug. His lair is in the Dread Mountains about 3 days to the north east. Lord Redspar offers to double the retainer and allow the heroes to keep whatever they find in the lair if they accept to kill Norgrug. Orcs require a strong leader and it is felt that once he is dead they tribes will disperse and resume their infighting.

The heroes accept and head towards where they assume the lair to be. After a bit of searching they find an old school of magic situated on a plateau. This school of magic existed before magic was accepted by the masses and eventually the teachers and students relocated to King’s Port. Norgrug’s lair is under the school.

The heroes enter the ancient school and after some brief fighting with goblins that had infested the upper level they find the magical password that will allow them to take down the force field blocking the access to the lower level.

The heroes encounter heavy resistance from the orcs present. After clearing out a few rooms, they come upon Norgrug and 3 of his generals while he is planning his next attack. After a fierce battle where Tyrkas Tigersoul and Rhonan Firefox are incapacitated due to injuries, the heroes manage to kill Norgrug and his aides. However, with 2 of theirs down, and the remainder badly injured, the heroes leave the complex to tend their wounds.

After a few days they return to find the school abandoned and empty. Lord Redspar is overjoyed at the news that Norgrug is dead and pays the group their 200 crowns. And true to his word they are allowed to keep the items found in the complex.

Evernight: Prequel Part II
Session 2

Against the Orcs

Part One: The Siege of Roxbury

Having helped Lord Redspar with his most recent problem, the good lord is well disposed to give the new group of adventurers a new task.

Three days to the east lies the village of Roxbury. The headman is a priest by the name of Adelmar. A large warband of orcs are threatening his village and he has yet to evacuate. Lord Redspar is gathering troops but he fears he will not get there in time to help the village. He sends the heroes in the hope that they can either escort the Adelmar and the villagers back to him or at least help them hold out until his own troops arrive.

The heroes arrive in Roxbury only to find everyone at worship and the village defenses half finished. Since the heroes were ambushed by a band of orcs on the way to Roxbury they decide it would be unsafe to evacuate the village and they decide to make a stand there. Coordinating the villagers they finish the defenses in time before the attack.

After losing a large part of their force the orcs manage to breach the walls and fighting erupts in the village. Fortunately for the heroes they were able to hold out long enough for Lord Redspar’s troops to arrive and save the day.

Evernight: Prequel
1st Session

Jason’s Folly

Our tale starts in the small village of Dyrinak in the Red Swamp. Dyrinak sits on one of the deeper channels, where the villagers fish for silverjacks and eels. A week before the town was attacked by several scattered troggs, large, vaguely humanoid fish-men with a penchant for human flesh. The villagers banded together and fought back, but more and more troggs kept coming.

Jason Dane often delivered dried fish and eels to their lord, Sir Gerald Redspar. The knight was a well-known hero, though he had hung up his magical sword Dragon’s Tooth many years ago, and had no sons to give it to.

Jason wasn’t much help in fighting the troggs that plagued Dyrinak, but he thought that perhaps if he had a magical sword like Dragon’s Tooth, he could defeat the monsters, save his village, and become a genuine hero. Of course, he planned to return the weapon after the fight, hopefully with Lord Redspar none the wiser.

Jason “borrowed” the priceless blade and fled into the swamp. He did quite well at first, and even managed to slay a large trogg single-handed. He told his neighbors that Redspar had lent him the well-known relic for just this very purpose.

That was a week ago. Now Lord Redspar has found his blade missing and he wants it back. A passing ranger told him a “boy” from Dyrinak claims the knight lent it to him. Lord Redspar summoned heroes to retrieve his blade. Tyrkas Tigersoul, Garet Silverhand, Jared and Rhonan Firefox, the Red Knight answered his call for help.

After a promise of 20 silver each for the retrieval of the sword, the heroes left the mansion and headed towards Dyrinak. On the way there the party fought a giant alligator who nested by the river they were to cross. Once at the village they made the acquaintance of Janus Strang. As she was about to tell the heroes where to find Jason, the village was attacked by yet more troggs. The party defeated the incoming menace and resumed their search for Jason and the missing sword.

The trail led them to a swamp where they found Janus’ body and the sword Dragon’s tooth, right next to a young swamp dragon. The heroes defeated the dragon with the help of the sword. After returning to the village there was a grand celebration in honor of the heroes. Janus accompanied them to Lord Redspar’s manor while they returned the sword. The party assumed she wanted to keep an eye on the sword and make sure it was returned. Which was true as well, but she also had eyes for the Red Knight Rhonan Firefox.


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