Evernight: The Dying of the Light

Evernight: Prequel Part III

Session 3

Against the Orcs

Part 2: The Lair of Norgrug the Foul

Captain Dux, leader of Lord Redspar’s troops, has a new mission for the heroes. Lord Redspar has learned from his scouts that the orcs have banded together under a powerful chieftain by the name of Norgrug. His lair is in the Dread Mountains about 3 days to the north east. Lord Redspar offers to double the retainer and allow the heroes to keep whatever they find in the lair if they accept to kill Norgrug. Orcs require a strong leader and it is felt that once he is dead they tribes will disperse and resume their infighting.

The heroes accept and head towards where they assume the lair to be. After a bit of searching they find an old school of magic situated on a plateau. This school of magic existed before magic was accepted by the masses and eventually the teachers and students relocated to King’s Port. Norgrug’s lair is under the school.

The heroes enter the ancient school and after some brief fighting with goblins that had infested the upper level they find the magical password that will allow them to take down the force field blocking the access to the lower level.

The heroes encounter heavy resistance from the orcs present. After clearing out a few rooms, they come upon Norgrug and 3 of his generals while he is planning his next attack. After a fierce battle where Tyrkas Tigersoul and Rhonan Firefox are incapacitated due to injuries, the heroes manage to kill Norgrug and his aides. However, with 2 of theirs down, and the remainder badly injured, the heroes leave the complex to tend their wounds.

After a few days they return to find the school abandoned and empty. Lord Redspar is overjoyed at the news that Norgrug is dead and pays the group their 200 crowns. And true to his word they are allowed to keep the items found in the complex.


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