Evernight: The Dying of the Light

Evernight: Prequel Part II

Session 2

Against the Orcs

Part One: The Siege of Roxbury

Having helped Lord Redspar with his most recent problem, the good lord is well disposed to give the new group of adventurers a new task.

Three days to the east lies the village of Roxbury. The headman is a priest by the name of Adelmar. A large warband of orcs are threatening his village and he has yet to evacuate. Lord Redspar is gathering troops but he fears he will not get there in time to help the village. He sends the heroes in the hope that they can either escort the Adelmar and the villagers back to him or at least help them hold out until his own troops arrive.

The heroes arrive in Roxbury only to find everyone at worship and the village defenses half finished. Since the heroes were ambushed by a band of orcs on the way to Roxbury they decide it would be unsafe to evacuate the village and they decide to make a stand there. Coordinating the villagers they finish the defenses in time before the attack.

After losing a large part of their force the orcs manage to breach the walls and fighting erupts in the village. Fortunately for the heroes they were able to hold out long enough for Lord Redspar’s troops to arrive and save the day.


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